Smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. A beautiful smile always leaves a lasting impression. How important it is to have that perfect smile, is felt by the ones who see some scope in improving theirs. Cosmetic dentistry is the new revolution that is helping people get that beautiful smile they always wanted.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Aesthetic Dentistry or Cosmetic Dentistry is one area that works at making your teeth symmetrical. It also involves replacing or fixing broken or chipped teeth and fixing missing teeth with dental implants. It helps in creating straight teeth with braces or aligners, making your teeth white using teeth whitening treatments and so much more.


Why choose Cosmetic dentistry?

For many facial appearance is not what they want, however for others who are may be from the entertainment industry, aspiring models or actors it is important. For them a little thing going wrong in their facial and dental appearance may affect their career, also for people who belong to the team of customer satisfaction or sales, looks do play a major role. It is completely a personal choice to determine, if a person wants to make changes in their dental appearance.

However the most important thing to note here is that Cosmetic Dentistry not only improves appearance but an overall dental health, which is extremely important to understand.


About Focus Dental

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The clinic is led by Dr Ajay Sharma & Dr Seema Nangia, as together they bring in the expertise with professional care.

The flagship clinic is located at Naraina Vihar, with operations also at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Max Hospital, Saket.

If you are the one thinking about getting that perfect smile, Focus Dental is the best choice as they guarantee expertise and successful outcome.

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