Your child’s smile is precious to you. To make sure that your child smiles with a bright and healthy smile, it is important to consult a pediatric dentist for a preventive dental check-up. If there are already any problems, schedule an appointment with your dentist for the most suitable treatment. Pediatric Dental treatments helps your maintain your child’s teeth.

Milk Teeth should be Maintained Well

The health of Baby teeth is equally vital as permanent teeth’s. Healthy milk teeth help kids chew, talk, etc. Baby teeth abnormalities might affect permanent teeth below. Paediatric dentistry maintains your child’s teeth.

Dental Treatment Options for Kids

Pediatric Dentistry includes a variety of treatments suited for every kind of dental problem. Pediatric Dental treatments helps your maintain your child’s teeth.

  1. Cleaning & Preventive Care
    It is recommended that parents consult a dentist for their child’s dental health every 6 months. This lets the dentist clean and check for problems.An appointment with your pediatric dentist will help you identify any kind of dental issues on time, which makes the treatment shorter, easier and affordable.
  2. Fluoride
    Fluoride is an excellent treatment that helps in making the teeth stronger and makes it difficult for tartar and plaque to damage the teeth.
  3. Fillings
    A cleaning and calcium filling can stabilise and function a tooth with a cavity.
  4. Sealants
    Sealants are saviors for a child’s teeth, they reduce the risk of cavities by 80% by creating a protective layer to the chewing surface of the teeth.
  5. Bonding
    Doctors majorly use this treatment in emergencies when a child comes with a crooked, chipped, or discoloured tooth.The treatment involves an application of white resin on the damaged tooth to cover the flaw.
  6. Extractions
    If a tooth is irreparable and has no suitable treatment, it is best to extract it.This procedure takes only 2-3 minutes and saves the permanent teeth from any permanent damage.
  7. Crowns
    Crowns are steel or porcelain caps used to cover the damaged tooth.

Focus Dental India offers safe and advanced Dental Treatments for Kids and Teens. We aim at giving the most suitable dental opinion for guaranteed results. Pediatric Dentists ensure that the child is comfortable and having a pain-free experience.