Smile Designing is a process of making your smile aesthetic, symmetric, more beautiful, and still looking natural.

The process ensures that your smile is even healthier and your dental health is enhanced.

The above image shows how smile designing made the teeth cleaner and whiter, well-spaced, and set at an appropriate height and length.

The after image now only shows us a beautiful smile, but it also looks healthy at the same time.


A well-designed smile offers you a number of benefits:

1. Improved Aesthetics

Smile Designing makes your smile extremely appealing by giving it the perfect cleanse, color, structure, and beauty. It boosts your confidence at the same time.

2. Better Functioning

With Smile designing your teeth start functioning better as they are more aligned and the damage has already been taken care of.

3. Improved Oral Health

Smile Designing gives your dental structure what it deserves like creating symmetry, giving the right shape to each teeth, and making them clean and free from any dental problems.


  • The Smile Designing Specialist at Dental Clinic examines your complete dental structure and discusses areas that need improvement during the consultation.
  • The dentist advises patients to bring their childhood photographs that emphasise their smile during the first visit. These pictures will help the dentist to deeply understand the patient’s dental structure since birth.
  • The Smile Design Specialist produces a before and after image that illustrates the current dental structure and the anticipated outcome after completing the smile design. At this time, we discuss the duration of treatment, cost of treatment, and necessary precautions.
  • At times when patients have limited time due to getting married or moving to another country or city for their education, they opt for this treatment. In such cases, we schedule the treatments at the same pace to meet the deadline.
  • We take care of any persisting dental issues before starting the smile-designing treatment.

Remember every patient has their own requirements and need for smile designing. Therefore, the treatment of every patient differs as it is a completely individualistic plan.


Any individual –

  • Wanting to become an actress or model where aesthetics are the first thing seen
  • Wanting a good dental health
  • Wanting to boost their confidence with a confident smile


Dental experts have been using Smile Designing or Digital Smile Designing technique for the last 8 years. This process has completely changed the face of my smile. This revolutionary technique has helped dentists across the world to better understand the link between the teeth, gums, lips, and facial features of any individual.

1. Am I a candidate for Smile Designing?

If you have misaligned teeth, there is extra gapping between the teeth, your teeth are yellowish or chipped. If you have any of the above complaints, Smile Design can help you achieve the perfect smile.

2. Do all dentists provide Smile Designing Treatment?

Only dental experts who have completed training in digital smile designing are authorised to perform this technique. Always ask your dental experts about their personal expertise in smile design.

3. At what age can I design my smile?

If you have outgrown your milk teeth and have grown all permanent teeth, you can go for a smile design. However, we highly recommend waiting until the age of 18 years, as this is considered an appropriate age for this procedure.

4. Is the process of Smile Designing Painful?

People do not know Digital Smile Design to be a painful experience. People have described the process as feeling more like a photoshoot rather than a dental appointment.

In a nutshell, all we do is take several photos of your teeth from various angles, some video footage to capture how you move your mouth when you talk and eat, alongside some digital x-rays and then we upload them to our smile design software.

There are no drills or injections involved at this consultation! As with all of our dental treatments, we do everything we can to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible for all of our patients and will always listen to any worries or concerns that you have before and during treatment.

5. Is Digital Smile Design Expensive?

This is a completely individualized plan and the cost for each candidate can vary. Before starting the treatment, your dentist will provide a detailed cost of every step. You can plan the procedure as per your budget and choose high-focus areas if required.