Focus Dental is the best dentist in Naraina Vihar, Delhi

With over 20000 cosmetic and implant successes. We’re one of Delhi’s leading dental clinics after 20 years.

Our clinic’s highly specialised Mds specialists, sterile environment, and straightforward treatment rates make it easy to visit.

Focus Dental has been independently inspected and accredited by the Indian Health Organisation and follows its clinical governance guidelines. It an NABH accredited dental clinic located in Naraina Vihar, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Max Hospital, Saket.

Above all, we provide personalised, high-quality care as needed or preventatively to serve our guests well. Focus Dental’s Physician and Implant Dentist are top-notch specialists with years of experience.

Painless Dental Treatments
Experienced Dental Professionals
Beautiful Smile Design
One Place for All Your Oral Needs
Convenient Scheduling
Convenient Location – Naraina Vihar, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, and Max Hospital, Saket.

Dental Department, Focus Dental. The way one smiles has a lasting impact on others. It exudes charm and tells so much about one’s personality. So, We at Dental Department, Focus Dental are constantly working towards creating beautiful smiles everyday. We are running a state of art dental facility at Focus Dental and provide all sort of dental services to our patients. Our core team consists of dentists who are product of Ivy League Dental of our country and our ethos is to provide quality dental care to all our patients. Dentistry is an ever evolving field and keeping a note of the same we are constantly working towards upgradation of our skills and are well equipped to provide all latest treatment modalities to our patients.

Treatment Provided:
• General dental check up and treatment
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Dental Implants
• Bloodless & Painless Gum Surgeries
• Orthodontic treatment including Aligners, metal, ceramic braces and space maintainers etc.
• Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries
• Maxillofacial Oncology
• Facial Prosthesis in Post Surgical Oncology
• Prosthodontic treatment including crown, bridges, full mouth rehabilitation
• Painless, bloodless gum surgeries(flap surgeries, gingivectomy etc)
• Dental Implants
• Cosmetic Dental Treatment
• Regenerative Osseous surgery
• Resective osseous surgery
• Mucogingival Surgeries ( Periodontal plastic surgery)
• Pain management using dental lasers
• TMJ management using dental laser
• Interdisciplinary treatment involving Endoperio treatment, Ortho-Perio treatment or prostho-perio treatment etc.
• single visit RCTs and other endodontic treatments
• Peadiatric dentistry

Treatments at Focus Dental, Best Dentist in Naraina Vihar


Root canals may be needed for decaying, broken, or uncomfortable teeth. Protect your teeth from extraction.


Implants repair missing teeth permanently. Dental implants are the finest way to replace missing teeth.


Kids may experience tooth decay, pain, misaligned teeth, or dental emergencies. They need prompt, specialised treatment.


Align your teeth with fixed-metal or ceramic braces or removable clear aligners.


Replace missing teeth with fixed or removable dentures. Smile again today.

Why Choose Focus Dental- Best Dentist in Naraina Vihar?

  • Expertise :- Team of Experienced Doctors who provide best dental care to patients
  • Technology :- World Class Standard Equipments. First centre in india to have fov green CT machine
  • COVID Safety :- Highest Level of Sterilization & Hygiene. Proper use of Sanitization steps after every visits.
  • Affordable Treatment with Flexible Payment Options & Plans

Our Mission


” To ensure you have the perfect smile “

Our Mission as a professional dental health care team is not only to ensure the best treatment possible using recent advances, but to ensure that you, as a client, are in total satsfaction with your treatment, and your smile.

Focus Dental is the best dentist in Delhi.