Signs your child needs a root canal

As dentistry has grown, so have a number of lies and false beliefs about root canals. A root canal isn’t safe for kids is one of the myths. A root canal is safe and good for your tooth health for both kids and adults.

If you worry about your child’s teeth too soon, it can affect their ability to speak, chew, and grow their teeth. It’s more possible that your child has eaten too many sweets or doesn’t do the simple things that are needed to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

When teeth get cavities, root canal treatment is always better than more extensive procedures like pulling the tooth out. You ask, “Is it the same for kids?”

When children show signs of tooth decay, it means they also need root canal.

As a parent, here are some other signs to look out for to see if your child needs a root canal.

  1. Does your kid have a toothache?

A toothache is one of the most common problems kids have when they go to the doctor. What matters is not how bad or how mild the pain is. If you have any kind of headache, it’s probably because a tooth has decay.

  1. Is the area around the hurt tooth red or swollen?

A gum that is swollen will be red or swell up. If you don’t take care of your teeth properly, this can happen. It’s a sign of gum disease. The pain won’t go away by itself, and it could turn into an abscess if you don’t treat it. This can also hurt the bones and teeth nearby.

  1. Does your child’s tooth look darker than usual?

When you eat and drink dark things, your teeth often turn discolored. If a permanent tooth goes dark, it’s likely because the nerve of the tooth has been hurt. If your child has a dental accident and the tooth is knocked out of its socket, the tooth may also turn dark. This can lead to decay, which needs root canal treatment.

  1. Does your child’s tooth hurt when it gets hot or cold?

If your child says that hot and cold foods make their teeth sensitive, this could mean that the enamel is wearing away, there is a hole, or nerves are being damaged in the pulp. In other words, the tooth becomes very sensitive to very hot or very cold conditions.

  1. Is your child’s tooth loose out of the blue?

A tooth could become loose out of the blue. This could be caused by an accident or biting down on something hard at any time. These things can happen, and there’s no need to be worried. It is important that the tooth stays in its socket, and if it hurts, don’t try to push it out.

A root canal treatment for a child’s tooth may be something you’re wondering about. But this does happen a lot. During a root canal, the tooth is protected from getting a bacterial illness or a lot of decay. This isn’t just for adults; it’s also for kids.  It is just as important to save a child’s tooth as it is an adult’s. So, root canal therapy might be needed to lessen the effects of bad tooth growth and make way for a happy and healthy mouth.

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