Dentists and orthodontists are both types of doctors who focus on mouth health. An appointment with a dentist on-time, not only fixes the problems but also helps save money. General dentists are trained to find and fix problems with your gums, teeth, tongue, and mouth as a whole.

What does a person who fixes teeth do?

Orthodontists are also mouth health doctors. In a way, they are a type of dentist who focuses on how teeth and jaws fit together.

Certified orthodontists are trained to look at your teeth, gums, and mouth to find and fix problems with your oral health. But most of the time, orthodontists make sure that your teeth and jaw are set up right.

  1. Children’s chin and bite should be watched as they grow.
  2. Malocclusion is the term for teeth and lips that are not in the right place.
  3. Make a treatment plan that includes braces and retainers
  4. Do surgery to straighten teeth
  5. Place dental devices like braces, palatal expanders, orthodontic headgear, or Herbst appliances.

When to book Dentist Appointment?

One should book a dentist appointment as soon as they see any problem in the teeth. this can be a cavity, discolorations, moving tooth, bleeding gums or painful tooth. Call for an immediate dentist appointment to understand the underlying cause.

Dentists are like mouth health doctors. Most dentists go to college first to get a pre-dental or pre-med degree before going to dental school.

Before they can get their licence, dentists must go through a lot of training, just like doctors. About 80% of dentists do something called “general dentistry.”

Certified dentists can figure out what’s wrong with your teeth, gums, tongue, and lips and treat it. They can also clean your teeth, but most of the time, dental hygienists do that.

Dentists take care of the following:

  • run and read dental X-rays, fill holes, pull teeth, and fix teeth. Cracks in teeth are good for your mouth health and hygiene.
  • Filling and bonding teeth is a way to treat gum disease, like gingivitis.
  • mouth health problems should be treated, including with prescription drugs.
  • whiten your teeth and put caps or veneers on them
  • watch over the growth of children’s teeth and do oral surgery