Best Dentist in Delhi
Best Dentist in Delhi

Dr Ajay Sharma & Dr Seema Nangia are the best Dentist in Delhi. With more than 30 years of experience and seeing so many different cases, they are the best dentist in Delhi, India and highly trusted by their patients.


Dentistry is a rewarding and enjoyable job, but what makes dentists who have just graduated from dental school good at their jobs?

Good judgement

To use good judgement, you have to be humble. Accept that you don’t know everything. When you make a mistake, like hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for your patients or practise, quickly fix it, think about how you would handle it differently in the future, and then move on.


Having good organisational skills is important in all parts of your life, but especially in your job. When you have clear goals for yourself and your business, you feel less stressed, are more productive, and, most importantly, have time to focus on giving your customers good care.

Skills for thinking critically

Critical thinking is the art of using reason to analyse ideas and dig deeper to find our real potential. It’s not about thinking more or harder, it’s about thinking better. It takes focus, motivation, and the ability to look at a situation honestly, even when the truth is hard to face. It’s about putting your ideas to the test, changing your point of view, and being aware of your own biases. It’s also about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, knowing all of your choices, and being willing to fail until you succeed. Critical thinking is an important skill to have if you’re a dentist who wants to improve the quality of dental care for your patients and everyone else.


To be a great dentist, you must always act in a professional way. You have to know what you’re doing, be dependable, be honest, take responsibility for what you do, and be able to keep your cool when things get tough.