Dentures vs Implants

Some people will be lucky and live their whole lives with all 32 teeth. Most of us will lose one or more teeth because of cavities, gum disease, or an accident. How did our ancestors fix teeth that were missing?  They had false teeth made of metal, rare hippopotamus ivory, and human bone. Luckily, times have changed, and now we have a lot more choices that are much better.The best dentists in Delhi say that dental implants and dentures are the best ways to replace lost teeth.

Which one is best for you? There are many things to think about, such as cost, ease of use, durability, upkeep, and appearance.

Not having enough teeth can make you feel less confident. If that’s not a good enough reason for you to get new teeth, here are some more that the best dentists in Delhi say are.-

  • When your gums aren’t covered, food and germs can get in and cause gum disease, which can make heart disease and diabetes worse.
  • If you’re missing teeth, it can hurt your head and face. Your cheeks may look hollow, which makes you look older.
  • You may notice that your neighbouring teeth move towards your lost tooth when they have some space around them. As your teeth move, so does the bone that supports them, the jawbone. This makes the structures in your mouth less stable.

So, replacing lost teeth is important. Let’s try to figure out what kind of fix will work best for you.

What are false teeth?

Heard from your grandparents about how bad false teeth used to look? The best dentists in Delhi say that current dentures are made to look, feel, and work like real teeth as much as possible. They can be taken out and put back in place of lost teeth and gum tissue. Some only replace a few teeth, while others replace all of your teeth.

Advantages of Dentures

  • Implants are more expensive than dentures, especially if you need to replace a lot of teeth.
  • Dentures can be worn sooner than implants after teeth have been extracted.
  • When compared to implants, the surgeries needed to make dentures are not as painful.
  • Also, this process is very quick; it only takes 4-5 sessions.

Advantages of Implants

  • Many steps have been taken to make dentures better, but some people still say they don’t look or feel as real as implants.
  • Implants last longer than dentures because they don’t need to be fixed or changed as often because gums and faces change as people age.
  • You can’t eat all of your favourite foods when you have dentures.
  • Implants can give your jaw the support it needs, but removable teeth can’t. Also, they won’t hold your mouth up.

What are Dental Implants?

For long-term tooth replacement, a dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically put in the bone. You can support a false tooth and your mouth with the implant, which works like a root.

Pros of getting dental implants

  • Implants for teeth look, feel, and work the same way your real teeth do.
  • You can still eat and drink what you like.
  • Implants can last longer than teeth, sometimes for decades, if you take good care of them.
  • 95% of the time, dental implants work.
  • With implants, your face structure and jaw bones stay in good shape.

Cons of getting oral implants

  • When you add up the costs, implants are more expensive than dentures, but they generally last longer.
  • A small amount of surgery is needed to place an implant.
  • Because they need strong bones and gums to attach to the jaw properly, dental implants aren’t right for everyone.
  • If your bone isn’t strong enough to hold an implant, you will need bone grafts, which will add to the cost.
  • Because dental implants need three months to osseointegrate (bond) to the bone, you have to go to more meetings and wait longer for them to be delivered than with dentures.

Who is the right candidate for implants?

If you only need to replace a few teeth, the best implant doctors in Delhi will tell you to get implants instead of dentures because they are more stable and easier to care for. If you need to replace all of your teeth in an arch, they may suggest that you use only four or six implants, like All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants, to restore the whole arch.

A healthy mouth is needed for implants.

When it comes to implants, the best dentists in Delhi say that cavities and gum disease need to be fixed first. If you smoke, quitting will make it more likely that your implants will work. Even though implants cost more, they might last a lifetime. You can eat, speak, and smile like you did before you lost your teeth with a dental implant. It is a one-time fix that will last a lifetime. You can be sure of making the right choice if you carefully consider all of your options to replace your lost teeth and think about what’s most important to you. Focus Dental Clinic is a dental implant centre in Delhi, India that does dental implants. Either way, you should think about it carefully and talk to your doctor before deciding.

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