Do you know that morning coffee is damaging your teeth

While moderate coffee consumption can provide certain health benefits, such as energy enhancement and heart health support, excessive coffee consumption can negatively impact dental health and the aesthetic appeal of one’s smile.

Similar to beverages other than water, coffee raises the risk of developing cavities. In addition to causing dental sensitivity and brittleness, coffee can erode tooth enamel by introducing acids and bacteria into the mouth. In addition, coffee can cause halitosis or poor breath; the foul odour is caused by the substance adhering to the tongue and persisting in the mouth. To prevent these issues with your oral health, brush your teeth after consuming one to two cups of coffee in the morning.

Another significant issue associated with coffee consumption is tooth discoloration. Since enamel serves as a protective coating for teeth, the discoloration is exacerbated by the enamel erosion brought about by coffee. This form of dental discoloration is classified as extrinsic due to its origin from an external source. The stains are caused by the tannins in coffee, which are a type of micronutrient that occurs naturally in plants. Wine and tea also contain tannins. Tobacco use and smoking can also result in extrinsic discoloration.

The addition of milk or cream to coffee will not prevent stains. Coffee varieties contain identical quantities of pigments and compounds. Additionally, cream and sugar foster the development of microorganisms, which is detrimental to dental health as a whole.

What steps can be taken to prevent coffee from discolouring teeth?
While still appreciating coffee, there are a few things you can do to limit or avoid discolouring your teeth.

  1. Consume no more than one to two glasses of coffee daily.
  2. Straw usage can effectively mitigate the contact between the coffee and the molars.
  3. Consume coffee only once during the day, not on an ongoing basis.
  4. Drink a great deal of water following coffee ingestion.
  5. Floss and brush your teeth thirty minutes after consuming coffee.
  6. Preventive treatment requires at least two visits to the dentist per year.

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