Transparent braces are the ultimate orthodontic solution

Many mature-aged and adult patients at Focus Dental express a desire for straighter teeth but are apprehensive that it is too late to make the necessary improvements. Their perception is that they have been left behind and they abhor the thought of donning conventional braces. The only thing that is more false than the truth (or a tooth!) is nothing. Alternatives exist for individuals of all ages to conventional metal braces.

Presently, clear aligner therapy is a more aesthetically appealing alternative. It is a widely utilised method of dental straightening. This is referred to by some as “clear braces.” Further reading will reveal what they are and whether or not they represent the most effective method to attain the smile of your desires.

Simply put, “clear braces” refers to malleable, translucent plastic dental appliances utilised for the purpose of aligning teeth. These are custom-fabricated to precisely contour to the user’s teeth and are commonly known as aligners. Presently, a variety of manufacturers offer translucent braces, such as Invisalign®.

The utilisation of these revolutionary Invisible braces has witnessed a surge in popularity since their initial introduction as a teeth-straightening technique. It is distributed in more than one hundred countries and has aided in the recovery of more than seven million individuals.

This alternative orthodontic treatment corrects teeth without the use of brackets and wires by employing CAD/CAM technology to fabricate transparent plastic removable aligners, commonly referred to as trays. While each aligner in the prescribed sequence exhibits some variation, they all employ mild pressure to incrementally shift your teeth into position. In order to increase the ability of the aligners to grasp and shift the teeth, treatment may require the addition of tooth-colored attachments, also known as “buttons.” The only times these aligners should be removed are when brushing your teeth or ingesting. Daily, they are required to be worn for a duration of 22 hours.

Do metal braces surpass the quality of Invisible Braces?

In contrast to popular belief, Invisible Braces is not exclusively intended for aesthetic purposes; rather, its technology has evolved to the point where it can be utilised to address a diverse array of moderate to severe teeth straightening concerns. Orthodontists and dentists who are Invisible Braces -certified are capable of effectively managing an extensive spectrum of orthodontic movements due to the utilisation of state-of-the-art technology.

It is crucial to acknowledge that although clear braces exhibit superior performance in certain circumstances, braces demonstrate superior functionality in others. It is always preferable to consult a dentist first, as they can advise on the most effective treatment for your teeth. Your dentist can provide guidance on the most suitable course of action for your teeth and the range of options that are available to you, taking into consideration the severity of the alignment.

For the treatment of the preponderance of orthodontic issues, Invisible Braces are effective, including:

  1. Underbites are characterised by the protrusion and overlap of the lower row of teeth over the upper row.
  2. Overbite is the inverse of an underbite.
  3. Open bites manifest when the upper and lower teeth are incapable of contacting one another.
  4. Overcrowding of the mandible is characterised by an inadequate amount of space for the teeth, which may result in the misplacement or improper positioning of some or all of them.

Teeth in alignment refers to one or more teeth that are out of alignment.
The majority of people, including adults and teenagers, can use invisible braces. Schedule an appointment with us at Focus Dental. We might even be able to suggest a better, more practical solution for you!

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