Bad breath can be more than just an annoyance; it can lower your self-esteem, which can have a bad impact on both your social life and your work performance, as well as making any first date or interview more stressful. It’s also pretty common, even if most of us are afraid to bring it up with family and friends.

While various solutions have been proposed, one of the most prevalent tips for controlling the condition is to drink water. A simple yet powerful treatment, as Focus Dental Clinic states that dehydration is one of the leading causes of bad breath, thus a glass or two of water could serve as a permanent solution.

Wondering how water might help you breathe better?

Here are two reasons why increasing your daily water intake will help treat bad breath:

Reason #1: Water is a natural mouth cleaner that outperforms commercially available mouthwash. In fact, mouthwash can exacerbate the problem since the alcohol in it causes a dry mouth, which allows bacteria to proliferate. However, drinking water helps to wipe away the food particles that linger in your mouth after you’ve eaten. Bacteria has a lower likelihood of surviving once the food particles have been rinsed away because it relies on the food you eat for living.

Reason #2: Water can help treat dry mouth by increasing saliva production. Without saliva, foul smell persists because a dry mouth causes dead cells to adhere to the tongue and insides of the mouth, which bacteria then feed on. However, once our saliva levels rise, the undesired and surplus bacteria residing in our mouths are killed off since saliva contains oxygen, bacteria’s most powerful adversary.

So, the next time you wake up with bad breath, pour yourself a big glass of water. But don’t forget to examine a few more solutions, as the problem may be too big for our friend H2O to handle on its own.

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